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Do not call 1-800-445-2470. This is a fake technical support

Do not call 1-800-445-2470 because it is a fake Apple, Facebook or other Internet giants technical support or customer service number. The fake number(1-800-445-2470) is being used by cybercriminals or scammers to trick online users into calling it. The cybercriminals do this by sending out fake emails or text messages like the one below, which claim the recipients should call for support or help. Please continue below. A Fake Email Used to Trick Online Users into Calling 1-800-445-2470 From: Facebook Facebook Hi, Your Facebook [...]


What to expect when you get hit with Ransomeware (first hand experience).

Recently NC Network Solutions, Inc was called in to handle a Ransomeware issue that affected 3 different companies (all interconnected from their network provider).  The screenshot above is an example of the message that all 3 companies experienced on all 23 of their servers. So what did NC Network Solutions, Inc do to get the data back?  From the standpoint of running any kind of recovery program there is nothing that can be done.  The first step is to file [...]