Author - Martin Musket

Do not call 1-800-445-2470. This is a fake technical support

Do not call 1-800-445-2470 because it is a fake Apple, Facebook or other Internet giants technical support or customer service number. The fake number(1-800-445-2470) is being used by cybercriminals or scammers to trick online users into calling it. The cybercriminals do this by sending out fake emails or text messages like the one below, which claim the recipients should call for support or help. Please continue below. A Fake Email Used to Trick Online Users into Calling 1-800-445-2470 From: Facebook Facebook Hi, Your Facebook [...]


What to expect when you get hit with Ransomeware (first hand experience).

Recently NC Network Solutions, Inc was called in to handle a Ransomeware issue that affected 3 different companies (all interconnected from their network provider).  The screenshot above is an example of the message that all 3 companies experienced on all 23 of their servers. So what did NC Network Solutions, Inc do to get the data back?  From the standpoint of running any kind of recovery program there is nothing that can be done.  The first step is to file [...]


How to Force your computer to prefer wireless over wired on dual connected PC’s

You may have installed installed the latest AC Capable Access Points and would like your computer to prefer your wireless network over your wired network  NC Network Solutions, Inc has put together a short tutorial video on how to force your computer to prefer your wireless network over your wired network.


How to determine whether your computer is using Wired or Wireless network to communicate.

When you bring your laptop from home to work and you place it in the docking station, which network connection is your laptop using to communicate?  NC Network Solutions, Inc has put together a short tutorial video on how to find out if your computer is communicating over your Wired or your Wireless network.  


LKN Total Dental Care chooses NC Network Solutions to build one of the most advanced dental offices in the country!

If you've driven down I-77, you will notice the new LKN Total Dental Care Facility going up right off of Exit 33 near Langtree.  The new facility will be one of the most advanced practices in the country installed with the latest dental and IT technologies.  LKN Total Dental Care had been searching for a provider for years that not only could handle the technology in their current 1982 building, but also come up with a unique out of [...]


You don’t need IT Managed Services, you need an IT Business Consultant!

It seems that anyone who has ever played Minecraft or has a home computer has opened an “IT Managed Services Company."  While most of these providers have good intentions, all they are doing is rebranding and reselling another provider's service.  In the past month, NC Network Solutions, Inc. (NCNS) has received multiple calls from these types of providers for assistance in fixing their customers' issues.  Those customers not only had to pay for the current providers services, but also [...]


NC Network Solutions saves 3 clients an average of $700 each on monthly recurring bills

NC Network Solutions knows managed services comes with a cost.  That is why the first thing we do when we come in for our complimentary survey is sit down with our clients and go over our their bills. Most of our clients don’t realize what they are paying for until they sit down with a professional and identify services that are needed and/or come up with a more cost effective way of purchasing the same services. NC Network Solutions works with [...]

Dental IT Services

Weave Integrated Dental Phone Systems

When is a Phone not a Phone?  When it's a Weave phone! Weave is the next generation smart phone for Dental Practices.  Weave uses the latest in communications technology to tie into you're practices management software.  No more guessing when a patient calls the practice!  Now when a patient calls a pop-up opens on your computer with all of that patients information including Billing, Birthdays and reminders for family members appointments! With Weave not only do you get the phones you [...]


Limited Time Offer: Free Network Site Survey for Healthcare Service Providers

[header text="Healthcare service providers! You can now take advantage of a complete network site survey at no cost and with no obligation."] How can we make such an offer? Because we're VERY good at what we do. NC Network Solutions is a team of experts and we only staff the very best engineers. We don't hire "paper technicians", and we don't make excuses. We're confident that we will exceed your expectations, add more value, and deliver better than any of our [...]