Dr. Matt Johnson explains why Johnson Oral Surgery chose NC Network Solutions as their trusted provider


Dr. Matt Johnson explains why Johnson Oral Surgery chose NC Network Solutions as their trusted provider

We were looking to update our Sidexis system to a newer version as we were concerned with image processing taking an extremely long amount of time (Our Practice uses 3D Imaging). Our internet connection was very slow and our backup systems were constantly reporting full. We were previously using a Charlotte based company and were looking at long wait times when service requests were put in and they were very expensive!

When we contacted NC Network Solutions we opted for a free survey and quote. NC Network Solutions was out at our facility very quickly gathering information. After the site survey NC Network Solutions scheduled an appointment to cover all of the issues we were currently having and a remediation plan of attack to address those issues and upgrade our network. Our network required an upgrade to support the latest cutting edge technology available for our practice.

NC Network Solutions was assigned the following goals by Dr. Johnson and his Staff:

• Increase Internet Speed
• Phone System Replacement (retaining current phone numbers)
• Upgrade Network Infrastructure (cabling and switches)
• Install and upgrade RCUSERVER (3D Processing Server) to support upgrade
• Improve performance on Server data transfer rates from RCUSERVER
• Remediate Backup retention times
• X-Ray Processing times should be less than 5 Minutes (Currently 13 Minutes)
• Reconfigure Wireless Infrastructure to support older and newer devices
• Remediate Email Issues
• Reclaim domain from previous service provider unwilling to give account information
• Reuse and Re-purpose any existing equipment if possible
• Proactively Monitor systems and produce daily reports

NC Network Solutions came up with a phased approach and did 99% of the work after hours or on the weekends. All of our goals were met and we receive daily reports that NC Network Solutions filters through for issues.

Taking advantage of the free survey saved us a lot of money and brought our practice up to the latest and greatest technologies available. Not only did they do the work for our practice they also worked on choosing the best Internet Service Provider in the area as well as working with our EMR Software and X-Ray provider to upgrade our new systems.

Martin and his staff were very courteous and professional during the entire process. We now let them handle all of our technical needs while this allows our practice to focus 100% on our clients. We would highly recommend him and his group to anyone looking for knowledgeable cost effective support in the Healthcare Industry.

Dr. Matt Johnson
Johnson Oral Surgery
229 Medical Park Drive Suite 310
Mooresville, NC 28117

To contact NC Network Solutions:
Call – 704-765-1546 or Email – survey@ncnetworksolutions.com with the word survey in the subject line to schedule an appointment for a free Network Site Survey.

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