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How to Force your computer to prefer wireless over wired on dual connected PC’s

You may have installed installed the latest AC Capable Access Points and would like your computer to prefer your wireless network over your wired network  NC Network Solutions, Inc has put together a short tutorial video on how to force your computer to prefer your wireless network over your wired network.


How to determine whether your computer is using Wired or Wireless network to communicate.

When you bring your laptop from home to work and you place it in the docking station, which network connection is your laptop using to communicate?  NC Network Solutions, Inc has put together a short tutorial video on how to find out if your computer is communicating over your Wired or your Wireless network.  


LKN Total Dental Care chooses NC Network Solutions to build one of the most advanced dental offices in the country!

If you've driven down I-77, you will notice the new LKN Total Dental Care Facility going up right off of Exit 33 near Langtree.  The new facility will be one of the most advanced practices in the country installed with the latest dental and IT technologies.  LKN Total Dental Care had been searching for a provider for years that not only could handle the technology in their current 1982 building, but also come up with a unique out of [...]

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Weave Integrated Dental Phone Systems

When is a Phone not a Phone?  When it's a Weave phone! Weave is the next generation smart phone for Dental Practices.  Weave uses the latest in communications technology to tie into you're practices management software.  No more guessing when a patient calls the practice!  Now when a patient calls a pop-up opens on your computer with all of that patients information including Billing, Birthdays and reminders for family members appointments! With Weave not only do you get the phones you [...]


NC Network Solutions, Inc survey saves local Business thousands of dollars and a way out of their managed services contract

Every month like clockwork they were getting an enormous bill without realizing what they were being charged for.  It wasn't until they reached out to NC Network Solutions for a free survey that they uncovered that their provider was charging them for services that were not being rendered. Along with the survey information NC Network Solutions sat down with their current provider with the evidence and the latest bill.  Presented with this information the local business not only was allowed out [...]


Dr. Matt Johnson explains why Johnson Oral Surgery chose NC Network Solutions as their trusted provider

We were looking to update our Sidexis system to a newer version as we were concerned with image processing taking an extremely long amount of time (Our Practice uses 3D Imaging). Our internet connection was very slow and our backup systems were constantly reporting full. We were previously using a Charlotte based company and were looking at long wait times when service requests were put in and they were very expensive! When we contacted NC Network Solutions we opted for a [...]