Weave Integrated Dental Phone Systems

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Weave Integrated Dental Phone Systems

When is a Phone not a Phone?  When it’s a Weave phone!

Weave is the next generation smart phone for Dental Practices.  Weave uses the latest in communications technology to tie into you’re practices management software.  No more guessing when a patient calls the practice!  Now when a patient calls a pop-up opens on your computer with all of that patients information including Billing, Birthdays and reminders for family members appointments!

With Weave not only do you get the phones you get the software and usually less than what you are paying for your generic phones now and after a year of service you OWN the phones!

Patient rescheduling is no longer an issue.  With Weave’s texting abilities you can fill your practices chairs without even picking up a phone!

All Your communication on One Platform with Any Device.  Weave combines all communications from your PMS to your mobile device and business phone, into a single simple tool.

Interested in taking your practice and patient relations to the next level.  Call 704-765-1546 or email us at info@ncnetworksolutions.com to schedule your free demo

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