Google results for IT Managed Services is costing you Money!


Google results for IT Managed Services is costing you Money!

So you are looking for IT Provider? You open google chrome and run a google search for “IT Provider”. You click on the top result and off you go! You now have that providers contact information and you pick up the phone and make the call.

Does this sound like you? Well congratulations you have just paid for their Ad and those Ad’s are very EXPENSIVE! You wonder where they are getting the money to pay for those Ad’s until you receive your bill!

Many companies advertise on Google and pay for that advertisement.  In the Charlotte market advertising for any business is very very expensive.  So when you click on that link that has the little Ad next to it be mindful of the company you’re clicking on.  Below is an example of a Charlotte Dental firm advertisement (notice the Ad icon)

Google calls this PPC (Pay Per Click) and charges the company that is advertising who then pass that cost on to you! Companies do this buy bidding on CPC (cost-per-click), vCPM (cost-per-thousand viewable impressions) or CPA (cost-per-acquisition) which tracks purchases or signups. Whew! that is a LOT of COSTS!! Again all of these costs are passed onto the consumer who uses these companies.

Companies that do not advertise through google get higher rankings when they take the time to work on their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) instead of cheating the system by buying out advertising space.

Does it cost the consumer anything to click on that Ad? The answer is initially no, but if you choose that company then yes you are paying for it in the form of marketing costs passed on in their service costs.

But doesn’t being at the top of the list mean that i’m getting the best company? The answer to this is absolutely not! Because a company shows up at the top of a search list does not mean they are the best and most reputable company. Don’t rely on only advertisements when choosing a company and save yourself a lot of money and heartache by looking at a companies reviews. More importantly look to see if those are recent reviews and not from an anonymous person that posted 5 years ago.

At NC Network Solutions, Inc we do post on social media, but believe in also growing organic relationships with our clients. You the consumer spend a lot of money on your networks and you want to trust that the company working on your systems has your best interests in mind and listen to your concerns.

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*References are available upon request from our satisfied clients!

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